Why does ultrafine grinding mill strictly control the moisture of the grinding material?

In order to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the ultrafine grinding mill, accurate ingredients, and improve the output of the mill and the quality of the finished product, the moisture content of the pulverized material must be strictly controlled.

When the water content of the material is large, the phenomenon of paste grinding is easy to occur, and the fine powder in the mill adheres to the grinding body and lining plate of the ultrafine grinding mill, which reduces the grinding efficiency. As a result, the equipment is poorly ventilated, the material is difficult to pass through, the output drops sharply, and the quality also causes large fluctuations.

According to the practical experience of production, the moisture content of the material entering the ultrafine grinding mill should be controlled within a certain range: limestone <1%, clay <2%, iron powder <8%, mixture <2%, gypsum <8%, clinker <8% 0.5%, coal <4%, comprehensive moisture control within 1.5%.


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