Which model of petroleum coke grinding mill is good?

Which model of petroleum coke grinding mill is good? Petroleum coke plant price? Petroleum coke is a material made of petroleum coke as the main raw material after synthesis and deep processing. It is the last “waste” of petroleum refining. It can be used as a fuel substitute for petroleum, so petroleum coke pulverization technology is a typical circular economy. In addition, petroleum coke can also be used as an electrode as a conductive material. Therefore, after the petroleum coke is crushed and pulverized to a certain fineness by a series of equipment, it is widely used. Therefore, the production and application of petroleum coke powder has a very good development prospect.

The working principle of the petroleum coke grinding mill is to use the hammer, blade, rod, etc. on the high-speed rotating body to impact the material to be pulverized. It is violently impacted by the material and the rotating body, the high-speed impact between the high-speed flying materials, and the shear grinding of the rotating body and the stator or side wall. In this way, the purpose of ultra-fine grinding of the material is achieved.

The multi-series grinding mill equipment provided by GBM can meet the processing fineness of petroleum coke powder from several hundred meshes to more than 3000 meshes. At present, our company’s key petroleum coke mills mainly include: new 5R Raymond mill, super-pressure trapezoidal mill, high-pressure suspension mill, MTW European-style mill, LUM vertical ultra-fine mill, European-style coarse grinding and other series of grinding equipment.


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