During the calcination process of limestone (the chemical composition is calcium carbonate), the temperature is often too high (because the temperature is unbalanced when burning ash in the local method), resulting in quicklime formed after limestone calcination (chemical composition oxidation). Calcium) Due to the high temperature, the surface forms an impermeable uranium surface. Under normal circumstances, quicklime reacts immediately when it sees water, and quicklime (chemical composition calcium hydroxide), but quicklime burned at high temperature will not react when it sees water. It also reacts after being soaked in water for a few days.

What is the reason for the production of calcium powder

When the calcium carbonate ore is roughly crushed, due to the open operation of the workplace or the poor sealing performance of the equipment, the calcium carbonate dust will fly or overflow, especially at the inlet and outlet, and the dust source cannot be kept sealed or no equipment is provided. Effective dust collection device, there is dust, diffusion and overflow of calcium carbonate dust, and a large amount of dust spreads into the environment of the workplace to form pollution. Calcium powder is widely used in construction, paint, industry, chemical industry, environmental protection and manufacturing. According to the different uses, the requirements for it are also different, so it is necessary to pay attention to some details in the production of heavy calcium powder. Most of the calcium powder production enterprises adopt the dry production process. The grinding equipment mainly includes Raymond mills, vertical mills, ball mills, etc. Except for a few large enterprises that have modern production workshops and use equipment with a high level of automation, most The production layout, technology, equipment and facilities of powder production enterprises are relatively backward, and occupational hazards such as dust are more serious.

What is the reason for the production of calcium powder

Unmodified calcium carbonate powder is a common problem in the industry due to serious overcapacity in China. However, calcium carbonate modified by powder surface modifier has significantly improved the use effect and improved the various downstream products. Performance and user experience are good, and the price of the product will naturally increase, but the final cost will drop a lot. The contribution of calcium powder to the entire industry cannot be ignored. It is almost everywhere. Our computer casings, wall coatings, plastic furniture, and to exaggerate, we are surrounded by calcium carbonate materials.


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