What equipment is used for coal ash desulfurization?

According to incomplete statistics, acid rain and sulfur dioxide pollution have caused huge economic losses in crops, forests and human health. These pollutions have become an important factor restricting economic and social development.

At present, foreign countries have accumulated relatively mature experience in controlling sulfur dioxide emission pollution. However, due to the limited financial and material resources, the introduction of these advanced technologies and equipment, the project investment and operating costs are very expensive. We have to combine actual conditions. On the basis of digesting and absorbing various desulfurization technologies at home and abroad, we seek simple and efficient desulfurization solutions that not only meet environmental protection requirements, but also reduce investment and operating costs.

The working principle of the vertical mill: the motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer. Make the material fall into the center of the grinding table from the feeding port through the air lock feeder. At the same time, the hot air enters the mill from the air inlet. With the rotation of the turntable, the material is carried by the high-speed airflow of the wind ring to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force. Large particles fall directly on the grinding disc for regrinding. When the material in the airflow enters the upper separator, under the action of the rotating rotor, the coarse powder falls from the cone to the grinding disc for re-grinding. Qualified fine powder is milled together with the airflow. Collected by a dust collector, these powders are the product. Moisture-containing materials are dried during contact with hot gases. By adjusting the temperature of the hot air, the vertical mill can meet the requirements of materials with different humidity and achieve all the required product moisture. By adjusting the separator, the required thickness of different products can be achieved.


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