400 vertical mill performance characteristics:

1. High grinding efficiency and low operating cost.

A. The vertical mill uses the material layer grinding principle to grind materials, with low energy consumption. The power consumption of the grinding system is 20-30% lower than that of the ball mill, and with the increase of raw material moisture, the power saving effect is more significant.

b. The grinding body of the vertical mill has small wear and high utilization rate. Since there is no direct contact between metals during the operation of the vertical mill, the wear of the grinding body is small, and the wear per unit product is generally 5-10 g/ton, and the metal pollution to the product is small.

c. The roller sleeve of the vertical mill can be turned over for use, which is beneficial to prolong the service life and reduce the production cost.

What are the advantages of 400 vertical mill compared with other equipment

2. Low construction and investment costs. The vertical mill integrates fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection, and conveying. It does not require additional equipment such as drying, powder selection, and lifting. Electric precipitator collection, compact layout, can be arranged in the open air. The construction area is about 70% of the ball mill system, and the construction space is about 50-60% of the ball mill system. Therefore, the process flow of the vertical mill is simple, the floor area and space occupied are small, and the construction cost is low. 3. Easy and reliable operation, easy operation and maintenance.

A. The supporting facilities of the vertical mill are equipped with rare lubrication stations, and the grinding roller bearings are lubricated with thin oil centralized circulation, which ensures that the bearings work under low temperature and pure oil conditions, prolongs the service life, and makes the equipment operating system run continuously and reliably. .

b. Equipped with automatic control device, it can realize remote control, and the operation is simple and easy.

c. The machine is equipped with a limit mechanism that prevents direct contact between the roller sleeve and the lining plate of the grinding disc, which avoids destructive and violent vibration caused by friction and collision between metals, and increases safety.

D. The unique hydraulic station system has the functions of automatic roll-up and roll-down by overhauling the oil cylinder and turning the boom, which can realize no-load start-up. With the help of the roller turning device, the grinding roller can be turned out of the grinding mill, and the roller sleeve and the lining plate can be replaced and repaired in a very short time. In addition, the operating pressure of the hydraulic system is low, which reduces the failure rate of oil leakage and is beneficial to operation and management. At the same time, a pressure balance device is added to the hydraulic system, which effectively reduces the vibration of the mill.


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