Vertical mill parts and working principle

The vertical mill is mainly composed of a fine crushing system, a grinding processing system, a drying system, a powder collecting and conveying system, and a dust removal system. Among them, the milling processing system is mainly concentrated in the main part of the vertical mill, which consists of vertical shaft, air outlet, feed inlet, counterattack lining plate, air guide vane, powder sorting vane, air duct, clapboard, paving plate and other components.

The vertical mill drives the grinding disc to rotate rapidly through the reducer, and rolls the material together with the grinding roller. After the powder is formed, the material is screened by the powder separator. The powder selection process is to use the flow of air flow in the mill to transport the powdery material into the barrel through the pipeline. First, the airflow enters the vertical mill from the air duct. After passing through the air guide vanes, it can enter the grading chamber uniformly to form vortex wind. Under the action of adjusting blades and horizontal lining plate, it enters the air outlet to discharge dust.


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