At present, after more than 20 years of rapid development, the ultra-fine grinding mill industry has begun to encounter bottlenecks; one of the reasons is that the competition in the same industry has increased, and the other is that the current market development is basically saturated, the innovation of enterprises is weak, and the technology cannot keep up. market demand. In view of the current dilemma of ultra-fine grinding mills, changing the current market has become an urgent problem to be solved. Enterprises need to concentrate on research and development, grasp the direction of market development, in order to meet the needs of the market.

At present, the ultra-fine grinding mill is still in the stage of rapid development. It is estimated that the long-term overcapacity of the ultra-fine grinding mill, excessive dependence on power and capital consumption, weak independent innovation ability, weak company competitiveness, and industrial scale and economic benefits are not commensurate. and other structural and essential flaws will be highlighted. Extending the industrial chain of ultra-fine grinding mills, deepening and expanding ultra-fine grinding mills, optimizing industrial structure, and enhancing independent innovation capabilities will be the development trend of ultra-fine grinding mills in the future.

Ultrafine grinding mill promotes the healthy development of grinding machinery

There are still many problems in the ultrafine grinding machinery industry. The company is too small, the product level is low, over-reliance on imports, low development capacity, lack of research and development investment, lack of professional and technical personnel and other factors restrict the development of the ultrafine grinding machinery industry. develop.

However, it is not impossible to compare ultra-fine grinding machinery with foreign advanced equipment. For example, ultra-fine grinding machinery is more sensitive in design ideas, and can be tailored according to the different needs of customers; it has the advantages of geographical environment, It is possible to know the problems of the equipment in the actual production of the company through various ways, establish a complete and excellent after-sales service system, and deal with the problems in a timely manner; according to the requirements of customers, the manufacturing and debugging cycle of the equipment is relatively short, and the cost is cheap and maintenance is convenient.

In the development process of ultra-fine grinding machinery, as long as we fully understand the advantages and defects in the professional development of ultra-fine grinding machinery, and accurately formulate the next development plan, give full play to the advantages and compensate for the shortage, we can promote the healthy development of grinding machinery.


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