At present, there are many manufacturers of powder separators in China. Although there are various forms, they are basically improved and improved on the basis of the original separator design, so the working principles are similar. In view of the problems of fineness and roughness and equipment vibration that are often encountered by cement manufacturers, this paper starts with the structure of the powder separator itself, and analyzes the possible reasons.

The reason for the coarse material of the slag vertical mill separator

After the mill runs for a long time, the blades of the powder separator, the roller skin, the lining plate of the grinding disc, the nozzle ring, etc. will be subject to different degrees of wear, which can lead to the coarsening of the fineness of the mill. A good way is to replace the roll skin or liner, and at the same time improve the grindability and size of the incoming material. The powder selection device and nozzle ring should be maintained at ordinary times, and should be replaced and repaired in time when the damage is serious. Adjusting the rotor speed of the powder separator is the most common method for adjusting the fineness, and it is also the most important method. Usually, when changing the fineness, the first thing that comes to mind is to adjust the speed, and increase the speed when running rough. Abrasion, the gap is too large, resulting in a short circuit in the air flow in the powder separator, so that a small part of the material does not enter the powder separation chamber, but directly enters the upper part of the rotor through the labyrinth, and is sucked into the dust collector by the wind, and then enters the fine powder chute and mixed with the finished product, resulting in The fineness of the cement runs continuously.

The utility model provides an anti-fracture device for a strut of a slag vertical mill separator, which has good anti-fracture effect, long service life and convenient maintenance, and is suitable for application on the strut of a slag vertical mill separator to prevent the strut from breaking. To ensure long-term normal operation of the powder separator. The fineness of the product is controlled by adjusting the rotor speed of the concentrator and the angle of the air guide vanes. The air guide vanes are regularly adjusted according to the working conditions when the grinding is stopped. The rotor speed of the concentrator is a daily adjustment method.


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