The difference between LM series vertical mill and ball mill

LM series vertical mill integrates fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection and conveying. It has the characteristics of convenient adjustment of fineness, no dust pollution, convenient maintenance and reliable operation. Especially in the aspect of large-scale grinding technology, it fully meets the needs of customers, and the main technology and economic policies have reached the international advanced level. It is widely used in the grinding of metallurgy, electric power, cement, chemical industry, ceramics, non-metallic minerals, power plant desulfurization, water slag, slag, slag, coal, cement clinker, glass, quartz, limestone and other industries.

1. Single-pulse dust collector open circuit system In this system, the raw materials enter the silo through the bucket elevator, and after weighing and iron removal, they are sent to the air lock feeder by the belt conveyor to ensure that the raw materials do not enter the grinding as much as possible. String wind. Commodity collection is completed by pulse dust collector, which reduces the number of equipment and simplifies system configuration. After the goods are collected, they are sent to the product silo by the screw feeder through the bucket elevator. It can dry the wet material entering the mill.

2. Cyclone plus pulse dust collector closed circuit system The difference between this system and the single pulse dust collector open circuit system is that the collection of goods is completed by a set of cyclone dust collectors, and part of the gas is introduced into the mill from the induced draft fan for recycling, which can reduce the workload of the system. And the amount of gas passing through the dust collector can be used as a pulse dust collector at the end of the dust removal equipment.

3. Single-pulse dust collector closed-circuit system The difference between this system and the single dust collector system is that after the product is collected, it is sent to the product warehouse by the pneumatic conveying system, and most of the gas is introduced into the mill from the induced draft fan for recycling.

The difference between LM series vertical mill and ball mill

high function

1. The hot air directly contacts the materials in the mill, which has strong drying ability and saves money;

2. After hot air temperature adjustment, it can meet the needs of materials with different humidity.

3. The material stays in the mill for a short time, it is easy to detect and control the particle size and chemical composition of the product, reduce repeated grinding, and the product quality is stable.

4. The roller sleeve and lining plate of the grinding disc are equipped with equipment to prevent direct contact, preventing destructive impact and violent vibration.

low investment

1. This series of pulverizers integrates pulverization, drying, grinding, classification and conveying. The design is compact and occupies only 80% of the ball mill system.

2. The grinding roller directly pulverizes and grinds the materials on the grinding disc, and the energy consumption is 30%-40% lower than that of the ball milling system.

3. Grinding rollers and linings are made of high-quality materials to reduce wear and increase service life.

4. It can be installed in the open air, saving investment costs.


1. Install the automatic control system, which can complete the remote control and the operation is simple.

2. It is convenient and quick to replace the roller sleeve and lining plate after testing the oil cylinder and rotating the roller arm, reducing the loss of downtime.

3. The whole set of equipment is sealed, the system works under negative pressure, there is no dust overflow, and the environment is clean.

4. Small vibration and low noise. The working principle of the equipment is as follows: the motor rotates the grinding table through the reducer, so that the material falls into the center of the grinding table from the feeding port through the air lock feeder, and the hot air enters the air inlet at the same time. With the rotation of the turntable, the material is brought to the edge of the grinding table by the high-speed airflow of the air ring under the action of centrifugal force. Large particles fall directly on the grinding disc and grind from scratch. When the material in the airflow enters the upper separator, under the action of the rotating rotor, the coarse powder falls from the cone into the grinding disc for regrinding. The qualified fine powder is crushed together with the airflow and collected by the dust removal equipment, which is the commodity. Moisture-rich materials are dried in contact with hot gases. After adjusting the temperature of the hot air, it can meet the requirements of materials with different humidity and achieve all the required commodity moisture. After adjusting the separator, the thickness required for different products can be achieved.

The difference between LM series vertical mill and ball mill

Compared with the ball mill, the equipment has the following differences

LM series vertical mill equipment can be said to be a kind of universal equipment, which can be used for fine crushing, drying, grinding, powder selection, transportation, etc. Used in large steel mills, thermal power plants, cement plants, etc., the advantages of vertical mills compared with ball mills. Different industries have different activated carbon equipment. For different industries, choosing different equipment is the best way to improve efficiency.

So what kind of LM series vertical grinding equipment should be used for the grinding of activated carbon?
We can choose according to the characteristics of activated carbon. Usually, at the beginning of the new year, mill manufacturers will summarize the sales volume and doubts in the sales activities of the previous year, and formulate a strategic policy for the current year. The strategic policy of market promotion is the primary policy to be achieved and completed in the promotion activities of the mill company in a certain period of time. Strategic goals must be achieved through certain quantitative goals, including sales tasks and sales efficiency goals, market sales goals, and sales growth rate goals. The sales environment for shredders is constantly changing. In the process of the market, the potential communication party, that is, the target customer, is ultimately willing to communicate with the company, which is beyond the company’s control. As a result, mill manufacturers and sellers must face a constantly changing market environment. According to the needs of its own funds and target customers, determine the company’s marketing policy, and complete the annual sales task through the company’s efforts.

Abundant activated carbon minerals must be ground and processed by activated carbon production LM series vertical mill processing equipment in order to be more easily applied to various industries. GBM company specializes in the production of LM series vertical grinding equipment. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental cleaning are the most notable features of the activated carbon LM series vertical mill. The manufacturer of LM series vertical pulverizer is based on the use and suggestion of the user of the pulverizer. On the basis of high-pressure and medium-speed production of LM series vertical mills, the updated and improved high-pressure micro powder provides a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving high-fine powder grinding equipment for domestic and foreign users. It has obvious advantages in the treatment of activated carbon, the output value is more than twice that of other equipment, and the energy saving and environmental protection are outstanding.


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