Superfine vertical mill to produce heavy calcium

Vertical mills are rolling crushing and produce less fine powder per unit time. Since the pressure of the grinding roller is carried out by hydraulic pressure, the grinding pressure of the grinding roller on the material is high, so the grinding efficiency is much better than that of the Raymond mill and other grinding equipment.

The process of vertical grinding system is relatively simple. Compared with ball mill production, the particle size of the material fed into the mill is larger than that of the ball mill, and the raw materials ≤30mm can be directly fed into the mill. The fine powder after vertical mill treatment is directly collected by the dust collector to obtain 600-1250 mesh heavy calcium products. When necessary, the finished product can be classified twice, and the fine powder above 1250 mesh can be extracted.

From the perspective of energy saving, large-scale and a certain degree of refined production of heavy calcium carbonate powder, the vertical mill secondary classification process can be adapted to the large-scale production of 600-2500 mesh ultrafine heavy calcium powder, and its most obvious advantage is that it is below 1250 mesh. Energy saving in heavy calcium production.

In short, the vertical grinding process is one of the mainstream routes in the heavy calcium processing industry.


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