High whiteness finely crushed barite powder is obtained by crushing, washing, grinding and whitening barite ore. Powder maintains the crystal structure of minerals, and is widely used in coatings, rubber, plastics, paper, ceramics and other industries. Some large and medium-sized coating factories in China use it to replace titanium to produce various paints. It is a high-quality filler.

The specific gravity of barite is relatively large, and the separation based on the specific gravity difference between barite and its gangue is called gravity separation. The gravity separation method for barite has the advantages of large selected particle size, wide selected particle size, and large mineral processing capacity. , In the field of barite beneficiation, the gravity separation method occupies a major position. The use of gravity separation method to purify and process barite ore has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., and can also obtain ideal beneficiation indicators, the recovery and treatment effect of coarse and fine-grained barite, in the emerging barite In the stone concentrator, gravity separation has become the core method.


The barite gravity separation equipment is a jig machine. The jig machine can effectively separate coarse, medium and fine-grained barite ore, and the beneficiation effect is ideal. It can effectively increase the specific gravity of barite. It is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly barite beneficiation method without the use of chemicals and without any pollution to the environment.

The barite ore is crushed several times to obtain micron-scale fine raw meal, which is roasted in a roaster for 2.5 hours to become clinker, washed with water to remove alkali, diluted with acid washing and then beaten, and sulfuric acid, aluminum powder ( Acid-soluble, bleaching), stirred and reacted at boiling temperature for 2.5 hours to obtain bleaching material, washed with water to remove soluble salts, filtered and dried (170°C) to become the finished product. The technical performance of the product has reached the quality index of IS03262 barite grade b.

Ultrafine powder with whiteness ≥90% and fineness ≥98% ≤2μm. It can be used in the production of paper, rubber, paint and plastics, and can completely replace the precipitated barium sulfate, and the basic performance of the product is better, and the industrial application prospect is more extensive.


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