Vertical mill is a kind of grinding and drying equipment with mature technology and excellent performance. It is widely used in cement chemical industry, coal, electric power and other departments. Mainstream products in the cement grinding industry. In order to ensure the safe operation of the system equipment and avoid personal and equipment accidents, all equipment and pipelines of the system should be carefully checked before each startup. It is necessary to check the raw coal reclaiming system, compressed air, cooling water supply, fuel storage, raw coal bunker material level, pulverized coal bunker, quantitative coal feeder, coal feeding scale, bag dust collection, etc., and confirm that the fire extinguishing system can be put into operation at any time. Use, the site and the central control operator work closely together to complete the coordination and preparation before starting the machine.

Preparations before the operation of the vertical coal mill

Preparations before operation include:

1. Notify relevant personnel to send points to the coal mill system;

2. Relevant personnel should carefully read and master the use and operation instructions of the coal vertical mill and the operating procedures of the coal mill system;

3. Notify the inspectors to do the inspection work before starting the machine;

4. Inform the inspectors to confirm that the CO2 fire extinguishing system can be put into use at any time;

5. Look at the material level of pulverized coal bunker and raw coal bunker;

6. On-site bag dust collection manual valve is fully open;

7. The system cooling water compressed air supply is in place.

During the equipment inspection process, the operation status of the equipment, the hazard source of the post, and the integrity of the fire-fighting facilities should be inspected together to ensure that the equipment is in good operating condition. The hidden dangers of the equipment that cannot be handled are recorded and reported to the team leader. When it is found that there is an abnormal situation in the operation of the equipment, report it to the team leader in time, and assist the team leader to deal with the work of the coal vertical mill system. When inspecting the equipment of the coal vertical mill system, labor protection equipment should be properly worn, and it is strictly forbidden to put hands or other parts of the body into the rotating and moving equipment parts such as fans for inspection to prevent injury or involvement.


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