350-mesh-400-mesh ore mills are widely used in production units and scientific research units in geology, mining, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry and other departments. It can effectively pulverize minerals and brittle materials of various hardness, and is an ideal equipment for preparing test samples and producing powder. The sealed sample preparation grinder (solid sample preparation) is a fully sealed structure of electromechanical integration, with good sealing performance, advanced timing device and reliable sound insulation materials. It has small vibration, low noise, high crushing efficiency, easy operation and low energy consumption during use. The mortar is made of high manganese steel, chrome alloy and super hard alloy, and the user department can choose according to different needs.

The main advantages of the sample crusher:

Operating cost and application fields of 350 mesh-400 mesh ore grinding mill

1. The sample preparation has uniform particle size, fast speed, reliable operation, and the representativeness meets the requirements of the same standard.

2. Sample preparation can be used directly without sieving, with few steps and high production efficiency.

3. The milling chamber is sealed with no dust pollution and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

4. The operation is stable, the noise is low, and it meets the requirements of safe production. 3. Specifications Model GJ-1 (one sample) GJ-3 (three samples) GJ-7 (seven samples) injection particle size 15mm sample preparation weight 100g 100g*3 100g*7 processing time does not exceed 30 seconds The fineness of the material is 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 400 mesh, etc. The length of time can be controlled according to the requirements, so as to achieve the required fineness power supply voltage 380V/1.1kw

Precautions for sealed sample crusher:

1. This product has no special requirements for installation. It should be placed in a dry place. When working, fix the four ground leveling screws at the bottom of the machine to make the machine stable.

2. Before testing the machine, check whether the pressing claw is pressing the material bowl, so as to prevent the material bowl from loosening and damaging the machine parts.

3. The feeding of material samples should be carried out after the machine has stopped stably.

4. If the moisture content of the sample is high, it should be pre-dried to avoid sticking to the bowl and affecting the fineness of crushing. Generally, the drier the sample, the better the crushing effect.

5. If you need to pulverize samples finer than 200 mesh, you can add solvents such as alcohol to the sample to perform mixed pulverization or extend the pulverization time.

6. The material sample should be placed in the strike ring and the material box as much as possible to avoid choking the strike block and affect the fineness.

Operating cost and application fields of 350 mesh-400 mesh ore grinding mill

350 mesh – 400 ore mill, which is continuously upgraded and transformed in technological innovation, developed and produced. Low investment and operation cost, high quality of finished products, easy operation and maintenance; new high-efficiency vertical mill with energy saving, environmental protection and no pollution. At present, the machine has been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement coal ash, industrial waste gas desulfurization and comprehensive utilization of waste residue due to its excellent performance and quality.

Product Features:

1. Low investment cost: It integrates grinding, drying, grading and conveying, with simple structure and compact layout. It can be arranged in the open air, which greatly reduces the investment cost.

2. Transmission system, high bearing capacity: Compared with the traditional vertical mill, our transmission reducer adopts a new structure, which makes the machine have a larger bearing capacity.

3. Hydraulic device, easy maintenance: The hydraulic control system adopted can adjust the pressure according to the change of materials, keep the mill in state, reduce energy consumption, and prolong the life of roller sleeve and lining plate.

4. Thin oil lubrication, reliable operation: the independent oil station and automatic protection system make the device operate safely and reliably.

5. A variety of powder selection, widely applicable: the equipment selects powder classifiers with different structures according to the requirements of different materials and fineness. The powder separator adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, the particle size distribution is more uniform, and the fineness is easier to adjust.


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