Fly ash is a substance produced in the process of ensuring energy supply in the power industry. If fly ash is not handled properly, it may cause pollution to the environment. The reuse of fly ash in the exhaust gas of power industrial boilers has always been the focus of global attention, and persistently promoting the development of fly ash dust collector equipment can achieve economic and social benefits.

How to deal with power plant fly ash

Ash and slag disposal will adhere to the policy of “combining storage and use, adapting measures to local conditions, various ways, active utilization, and attention to practical results”, and adheres to the principle of ensuring unit operation safety, environmental protection, reducing disposal costs, and extending the service life of ash yard. Professional disposal , and will also receive a resource utilization fee. The high concentration of fly ash contained in the exhaust gas generated in the boiler will have a negative impact on the environment if it is not treated. But what needs to be said here is that no matter what type of boiler is used, the generated fly ash waste gas, in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection, needs to be separated from the dust in the flue gas by dust collector equipment, and collected and utilized.

Some concrete batching plants are in demand, and the other is pressed into bricks. Most of the colored bricks paved on the side of the city’s main roads are made of fly ash. In addition, some fly ash contains a large amount of metal compounds. For example, the fly ash discharged from some power plants contains alumina and silicon-aluminum alloy. Alumina and silicon-aluminum alloys can be extracted. Newly built power plants should comprehensively consider the surrounding fly ash utilization capacity, as well as save land, prevent environmental pollution, and avoid the construction of permanent fly ash storage yards (reservoirs). Quantity design, and site selection, design, construction and operation management of fly ash storage yard (storage).


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