How Lime Powder Is Made Into Desulfurization Powder

How is lime powder made into desulfurization powder? Many power plant investors may be asking this question. Because it wants to absorb the polluting gas discharged from the power plant. So you have to use lime powder. That is, the commonly used desulfurization powder. And how is lime powder made into desulfurization powder? This requires a series of production and processing processes. The following is a detailed introduction to the desulfurization powder made from lime powder.

Lime is made into desulfurization powder, which needs to be milled and ground. The particle size of lime powder for desulfurization is 250 mesh or 325 mesh (45 μm), and the desulfurization effect of 325 mesh limestone powder is better. The main mill used in the processing equipment is a thunder mill.

The processing process of the grinding mill powder is roughly as follows: first, the large pieces of limestone are crushed to the required particle size by the jaw crusher, and then the vibrating feeder is evenly and quantitatively sent to the main grinding chamber of the Raymond mill for grinding. . The pulverized limestone powder is blown up by the wind. After being classified by the powder separator, the limestone powder that meets the fineness enters the new isolated cyclone powder collector through the pipeline with the airflow, and then separates and collects. The processed product can be used as desulfurization powder.

The lime powder may have a certain amount of water vapor after being ground. But the Raymond mill equipment produced by our company has heating function. The grinding mill can directly dry it and apply it to engineering projects.


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