Correct operation and service of mill equipment:

1. Run the mill in the correct order of starting and stopping;

2. Regularly add grease to all parts of the mill as required;

Correct operation and service of grinding mill equipment

3. Regularly check the state of the internal bolts and fasteners of the mill to avoid falling into the cavity;

4. Regularly check the wear of wearing parts such as grinding rollers and grinding rings;

5. Regularly check whether the discharge port is automatically discharged;

6. Regularly clean the dust bag;

7. Regularly check and clean the air duct cloth bag;

8. To keep the motor in a dry environment, avoid damp or rain;

Correct operation and service of grinding mill equipment

9. Keep the electric control cabinet in a dry environment and isolate it from the dust environment;

10. If the electric control cabinet or motor is abnormal during use, do not continue to use it, and should be checked by electrical personnel;

11. When using an automatic packaging machine or gas delivery, do not cause the discharge port to return air or suck back;


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