Quartz is a widely distributed mineral in the quartz family. The main component is silicon dioxide. The physical and chemical properties are very stable. It is the main raw material for the production of quartz sand, as well as the raw material for quartz refractories and ferrosilicon. In addition, it is also widely used in glass, ceramics, optics and other fields.

Complete set of quartz stone grinding powder production line

Quartz powder, which is obtained after a series of processing such as quartz stone crushing and grinding. Among them, the quartz powder above 120 mesh is called quartz powder, and the one below 120 is called quartz sand. Common quartz powder specifications include 120 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 800 mesh, etc., different finenesses have different industrial values. The quartz stone grinding powder production line is mainly composed of jaw crusher, Raymond mill, vibrating feeder, bucket elevator, analyzer and other equipment. The production line has reasonable combination and high grinding efficiency. Dry production of quartz powder production line, quartz stone grinding machine, the main equipment are stone knocking machine, grinding mill, vibrating screen, pulverizer and so on. The technological process is that the quartz stone ore is processed into smaller stones by a stone crusher, the stone is processed into sand by a grinding mill, and then processed into quartz powder of different fineness by a pulverizer, and then sieved by a vibrating screen. In the process, the iron is removed by the use of magnet bars and magnets, and then it is divided into storage.

The overall combination of the quartz stone production line is simple, the operation efficiency is high, the process is smooth, the production line is highly automated, and the mechanical performance is good, which can effectively reduce the input of labor and labor in the production process. The powder output is high, and the finished quartz stone material produced by grinding has uniform particle size, high-quality particle shape and good use effect.


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