Vertical mill is an industrial pulverizing equipment with high grinding efficiency. It is widely used in metallurgy, water conservancy, construction process, chemical industry, mining and other fields. Many users will pay attention to the fineness of the vertical mill as a selection criterion when purchasing a vertical mill, but some people say that the fineness does not represent the performance of the equipment, so it cannot be used as a selection criterion, so what is it? We Let’s take a look together!

Can the fineness be used as a criterion for selecting a vertical mill?

Vertical mill equipment is mainly composed of: bag filter, boiling furnace, centrifugal fan, steel wire belt elevator, belt conveyor, valve, chute, etc., belt scale, permanent magnet iron remover, Roots fan, small bag filter, air compressor It consists of machine, gas storage tank, and other ancillary equipment.

When the grinding material is extruded, under the action of centrifugal force, it is thrown off the edge of the disc and sinks to the nozzle ring, where it is blown up by the high-speed wind, and the heavy metal ore will settle under the nozzle ring and discharge the fine powder belt At the upper part of the vertical mill, after being sorted by the separator, the finished product enters the dust collector along with the gas to be collected, and the coarse powder is circulated back and the coarse powder is thrown up. , enter the grinding track by centrifugal force for a new cycle. In multiple cycles, the heat transfer between the particles and the gas makes the water evaporate.

How to improve work efficiency of vertical mill

After understanding the working principle of vertical mill, let’s talk about it. A question that everyone is very concerned about is how to greatly improve the work efficiency of the vertical mill. Miner Home shares three tips here!

1. After working for a long time, there is easily dirt on the pulverizer that needs to be cleaned. During the cleaning process, high-pressure and high-temperature water guns cannot be used to wash, especially the electrical parts, which cannot be washed with water to avoid electrical burnout. .

2. For the selection of fuel oil, it is necessary to pay attention to the properties of the fuel oil. The commonly used fuel oil is diesel oil, but it should be noted that diesel oil with a freezing point higher than and equal to the ambient temperature cannot be used. diesel fuel.

3. During the operation of the pulverizer, each part has different temperatures according to different work contents. There is a cooling system in the equipment. During maintenance, be careful not to make the sedimentation of mud and sand in the water tank of the cooling system. Remove it in time, and the water temperature of the water tank cannot be too high or too low, and antifreeze needs to be added to the water tank.

Can the fineness be used as a criterion for selecting a vertical mill?

The engineering instructor of Miner Home told us that although fineness cannot be used as a standard for vertical mills, it is an important reference when purchasing vertical mill equipment. Because the equipment is mainly used to produce fine powder, and different industries have different requirements for the fineness of fine powder, so how fine can the equipment be ground is a question worthy of attention, and the fineness of the finished product determines the benefits of the project , so it is a necessary part to choose a vertical mill according to the actual needs of customers.

In addition, when choosing a vertical mill, the fineness is also closely related to the production capacity. Many vertical mill production lines have confirmed that the higher the fineness, the lower the production capacity. Therefore, when selecting production equipment according to the fineness, the production capacity should be comprehensively considered. , because the production capacity directly affects the final production efficiency.


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