Analysis Of Common Faults Of Grinding Mill

1. Failure: The current of the industrial grinding mill is too large. The suspension rollers often do not rotate. Current up to 250-160A (usually 180-200A);

Cause: Hanging shaft parts. After disassembling, it was found that the sliding bearing of the suspension shaft was locked. There is a lot of sludge in the suspension shaft cavity. The reason is that the air outlet clearance is too large. The air pressure in the suspension shaft cavity is lower than the air pressure in the grinding chamber, so that the dust enters the suspension shaft cavity.

2. Failure: the sound of the grinding chamber of the industrial grinding mill is abnormal, and the roller has a sound of impact on the grinding ring;

Reason: Grinding chamber. Open the grinding chamber after shutdown. With manual turning, it was found that some grinding rollers sometimes turned but did not turn. Grinding rollers and grinding rings have disintegrated blocks. Analysis is caused by poor lubrication of rolling bearings.

3. Failure: The rollers and steel rings of the industrial grinding mill are abnormally worn. The surface of the grinding roller is easy to be ground into a concave surface. Sometimes uneven streaks are found. The grinding ring also has a concave grinding surface;

Reason: The suspension oil chamber connecting air pipe is worn. The reason is mainly caused by the continuous scouring of the powder in the grinding chamber.


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