325 mesh wollastonite vertical mill

Wollastonite powder is widely used in industry. It is predicted that in the future, wollastonite powder will be in short supply in the fields of architectural ceramics, coatings, plastics, decorative materials, asbestos substitutes, insulating products, architectural ceramics, slag concrete surface coatings, and papermaking. trend. Therefore, the market prospect of wollastonite mill will be very good.

Wollastonite powder from 80 mesh to 325 mesh can basically meet the needs of customers in most application fields. So, what equipment can produce 325 mesh wollastonite powder?

The vertical mill developed by our company is a high-efficiency energy-saving, drying and milling equipment. It has the performance characteristics of high crushing efficiency, large drying capacity, uniform particle gradation, small wear, high utilization rate, low noise and less dust. The fineness of the finished product can reach 80-425 mesh, which can meet the production of 325 mesh wollastonite powder. Therefore, it is completely feasible to produce 325 mesh wollastonite powder by vertical mill.


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