1250 mesh kaolin grinding equipment

Kaolin is white and delicate in texture, so it is also called dolomite. It has good plasticity and fire resistance. Usually mainly composed of illite, quartz, hydromica and other minerals. Hepu and other areas are widely distributed. The ground kaolin has applications in ceramics, coatings, cosmetics, national defense, petroleum, pesticides, pigments, building materials and other fields, and the market prospect is very broad.

Due to its rich kaolin resources, simple grinding process, low investment cost and high market return value, it has attracted the attention of many investors. At present, kaolin grinding and powder processing have become popular investment projects in the market.

So what equipment is used to process kaolin into powder? What is its technological process?

Kaolin grinding powder processing equipment

1. Jaw Crusher is an indispensable equipment in the kaolin grinding process. Its structure is simple and the system is advanced. In addition to the basic features of high output, good quality, high efficiency, few failures, long service life, and long parts replacement cycle, the environmental protection effect of this equipment is not weak. The introduction of advanced German technology, the use of high-tech dust removal and noise reduction systems, completely eliminate operating noise and dust, and achieve green production. Therefore, it can be used as one of the grinding equipments required for kaolin grinding powder processing.

Main performance of 1250 mesh kaolin grinding equipment:

(1) The unique three-dimensional structure design not only saves 40% of the floor space, but also facilitates installation, maintenance and maintenance, reducing the basic investment cost by at least 80,000 yuan;

(2) Fully automatic processing system with automatic fault monitoring program designed to control the operation workshop and operating conditions in real time to ensure the safe, efficient, flexible and stable operation of the equipment;

(3) The finished kaolin fine powder after grinding is uniform in texture, high in whiteness, less in impurities, adjustable in fineness, and has a screening rate of over 99.99%, which has high industrial economic value. 3. Bucket elevator The function of the bucket elevator is to lift the kaolin material after the crusher from bottom to top and transport it to the silo. The design and structure of the equipment are relatively novel, and can be used alone or in combination. , under different environmental conditions, its use is more flexible, it is an ideal lifting equipment, and it has attracted the attention of the industry.


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